The Natural World

These artworks are taken from two series:  “The Vanishing” and “Menacing Beauty.”

“The Vanishing” depictsthreatened or endangered animals from around the world.  The works were inspired by watching wild moose graze in Denali Park, Alaska, while, only miles outside the preserve, mounted moose and elk heads decorated the walls of  local bars and restaurants. The animals in this series are walking or vanishing throughwalls rather than hanging on them.

“Menacing Beauty,” draws its inspiration from a sunrise boat trip on the Yellow River, a billabong that meanders through Australia’s Kakadu National Park. The works asks the viewer:  Why are we drawn to these aloof creatures in untamed places? Do they speak to some lost Eden buried deep in our consciousness?  Or are we awed by the unfolding spectacle of predator and prey?”